Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Global Climate Change-Lifestyle Change-Vegan

Hey ! For my end of the year final in my writing class I am writing a 20 page paper on the Yogi Lifestyle. Your blog is where a lot of my information is coming from. I wanted to know though, (if you don't mind) why you chose to be vegan, and how your life has changed since you made this lifestyle change. I would be quoting you in my paper if that is okay ? : )

Hey! Aw that is super cool! I am glad that my blog is able to provide you with some information and that you want me to be apart of it (:     Currently I am not full Vegan yet. I’m half-vegan I guess you could say since the only dairy I consume is in Morning Star patties, chocolate, and Ensure when I have them. I will transition to full vegan as soon as I feel I am ready. However, maybe my answer will be still be valid, so lets just say, for the purpose of your paper, that I am full vegan (if that works for you).     I chose this lifestyle for three reasons: For my health, for the animals, and for the planet. Everything that we do impacts not just ourselves but everything around us. Animal farming is the number one cause of global climate change, 99% of all land animals are used for factory farming (in which the the standards for ethical treatment continue to decline), and studies have proven that a vegetarian/vegan lifestyles are healthier for the body.      My life has vastly changed since making these dietary changes. My compassion, love, and respect for animals has grown further than I thought it could. You don’t realize how much love you have for another being until you stop putting it on your plate. It’s effected my body greatly as well. 60% of adults can not digest digest milk and most of them either don’t know it or choose not to make a healthier dietary change. Not consuming dairy has made such a huge impact on my body, especially being lactose intolerant. I can’t even begin to explain how much my digestive system has thanked me for not consuming dairy, and not eating meat has made my body feel “lighter”, more energetic, healthier, and much happier.      I hope this was okay? … and not too much. haha. If you would like anything else, ask away! (: read more..

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