Sunday, 12 August 2012

Avid Online Shopper-Peanut Butter-Food Shopping-Brand Foods-Yogi Tea

Okay well i asked if you know of any healthy brand foods like peanut butter or tea and other stuff of that kind, that i can find online. Like im an avid online shopper and when i found out i can buy yogi tea online i was so happy. I also looked up the nut butters that you bought and bought some too. Im rambling but i hope you know what i mean

I ramble a lot too, haha. I do know what you mean. I’ve not done any online food shopping so I don’t really know websites. But one that I do know of is Farm Fresh to You. You order a box or so of fresh produce online and they deliver it right to your house! You can buy Luna bars online, too. If you figure out what products you want to buy, you can find them but I don’t know of any places that has a variety of healthy foods to buy online. This probably wasn’t of much help, I apologize. read more..

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