Monday, 6 August 2012

Fight Breast Cancer-Health Food Store-New Research-Hello Dear

New research reveals the best vegetables to help you fight breast cancer. Are yo...

New research reveals the best vegetables to help you fight Breast Cancer. Are you eating enough of them?
Ask the Diet Doctor: Best Foods to Fight Breast Cancer
Surprising new research reveals only certain fruits and veggies help fight breast cancer. read more..

hello dear :) i know this is random but since you were on the subject of milks...i don't know if you will be able to find it, but i found and tried kamut milk in France and it was SO DELICIOUS. if you can find it in the health food store or online, i'd highly recommend giving it a try. also, if you can find it online, please let me know where! i miss it soooo much...

Hello (: I’ve never heard of it! I just looked it up and I read that it tastes good… though expensive. If I ever do find it, I’ll try it! I’m not so sure they sell it online. I just looked and came up with nothing. Just recipes on how to make kamut bread or something haha. read more..

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