Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gold Medals-Mc Donalds-Calories-Athlete

nomoreeexcuses:eatcleanmakechanges:Because every athlete can...

nomoreeexcuses:eatcleanmakechanges:Because every athlete can eat them and still win gold medals.  They burn 2000 calories every race/event.  ^ that doesn’t change anything, it’s an advertisement towards viewers. I guess McDonalds had the most mulah to offer, I’m not surprisedJust because they would burn it off doesn’t mean it’s not going to slow them down or screw with their health. I hate when people eat like crap because they work out. I hope that one day, Mc Donalds gets shut down for something. Anything. Lets sneak in somewhere and drug their food so it can never be sold again. read more..

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