Saturday, 11 August 2012

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Kickin' in the Capital's Jane Dennis Recognized

Today, Ottawa Public Health recognized the leadership of the Ottawa Royals Kickin’ in the Capital tournament organizer, Jane Dennis for her efforts in making this sports event tobacco-free. The Ottawa Royals Soccer Club, which is affiliated with the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association, established their tobacco-free policy at the beginning of the 2009 season, requiring that all players, coaches and spectators refrain from smoking or using tobacco products during league games and activities.The tobacco-free policy not only prevents second-hand smoke exposure from cigarettes at games, but also prevents other forms of tobacco use, such as chew, spit or snus. Tobacco-free events serve as positive role-modeling tool for both youth taking part in the competition and for spectators. Smoke-free events remove the some of the triggers that can signal a person’s craving for nicotine. As well, smoke-free environments support people who have quit or who are trying to quit and can help make quit attempts more successful.To ensure that the Royals tobacco-free policy was widely known and followed, it was explained to players by coaches, advertised in the schedules and promoted throughout the season with banners advertising a healthy lifestyle. The Ottawa Royals Soccer Club’s tobacco-free policy helped earn its Silver Level Club Excellence Award from the Ontario Soccer Association.The City of Ottawa recently amended its smoke-free by-laws to create smoke-free outdoor spaces on all municipal property, including: all city parks; beaches; playgrounds; sports fields and outdoor areas around city facilities; the ByWard and Parkdale Market stands; and all restaurant and bar patios. The Ottawa Royals Soccer Club’s tobacco-free policy and the City of Ottawa’s by-law compliment each other to ensure that sporting events, young athletes and spectators remain tobacco-free.The boy’s tournament takes place August 11-12, while the girl’s tournament runs September 8-9, 2012.Congratulations Jane! read more..

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