Sunday, 12 August 2012

Completely Empty Stomach-Yoga For Beginners-Peanut Butter-Video Links-Snacks

which are good pre-workout snacks? I don't like running and stuff on a completely empty stomach, i'm afraid I will pass out or something.

You should run after you eat, but not too soon after. Like say you have a small snack, maybe 30 minutes. The bigger meal, the longer to wait. I used to wait about an hour to run after I’d eaten breakfast. Maybe some oatmeal with fruit and Peanut Butter if you like it, a piece of toast with pb and a banana, a power-up smoothie, some fruit and peanut butter. Just mix things up! In my Index there’s a post-workout and snacks page (I need to rename it) that also has a few pre-workout food idea in there. read more..

How do you get started with yoga? I'm completely lost x.x be descriptive please. Thank you xoxo

See right here, my friend! Yoga for Beginners! There are also some video links you can watch and go along with. If you don’t find that helpful, I will go into further detail for you. Please excuse the typos and such, I’m too lazy to fix it haha. (: read more..

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