Saturday 24 March 2012

Barefoot Shoes

mothernaturenetwork:You’ve probably worn shoes every day of...

mothernaturenetwork:You’ve probably worn shoes every day of your post-toddler life, but in a few remote parts of the world, nobody wears shoes — and evidence shows they’re in better shape because of it.YESSSSSS!!! Excuse my excitement. I’m just a uh… barefoot enthusiast and I have been saying this for a long while now. Barefoot shoes. I meant to write about bare feet and running last year and had things saved about it but I never got around to it… Lost the inspiration to I suppose. This is one of the few reasons why I will only wear vibrams for physical activity and why I don’t really ever wear shoes, period (the other reasons are that I just hate shoes and I have a bunion). However, this is also why I had to stop running… which I don’t mind much anymore. read more..

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