Monday 26 March 2012

Bicycle Crunches-Weight Loss-Exercises-Thighs

Okay. So I am on anon because I am ashamed. I am so overweight its not funny. I'm fairly sure I am okay with my eating. It's my exercise, I really hate exercise in front of people and even in front of my family. My weight is mainly on my stomach and thighs, do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Alone, preferably? Thanks so much. :)

It’s okay to be anon. But I am not judging you and there are many people here who are on the same journey as you and they understand how you feel, none of us here are judging you As far as the Exercises go… You definitely can work out alone. Just make sure that the way and what you eat is really important in Weight Loss. You definitely should be sure that what you are eating is good for your body. If you have doubts, here are some tips. I do recommend doing cardio. So if you want to go on runs or jogs a few days a week, that would be great. If you truly are not ready to work out in front of people, you can do a few things alone. Jumping jacks and jumping rope will help get your heart rate up. Or do those jumping things where you bring each knee up to your chest. I forgot what they are called but if you need more info, I can find something. For Thighs, I always suggest lunges (or walking lunges rather than in place). If you really get into them and do enough, you will feel the burn the next morning. Squats, sitting against the wall, and chair pose will help burn those thighs too. There are some pilates videos focused on the thighs and I can find some of those for you. I also have thigh workouts in the Index of my blog on the Workouts page. That goes for abs too. For abs… Bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles and reverse bicycles (different from the crunches), flutter kicks, elbow to knee crunches, and Russian crunches (seated side twist) are really effective core work outs. Doing these slow and controlled add the burn and give for a better work out. Those are exercises that you can do in your room with nobody watching. Remember… cardio and really good eating! There are ways to help weight loss like drinking plenty of water, drinking green tea, and other ways. I have some posts on how to boost metabolism and good weight loss stuff in my blog if you go through it all. I hope this helps. If you ever need anything, have any questions… Never hesitate to ask! (: read more..

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