Monday 26 March 2012

Healthy Meal Plan-Daily Intake-Fast Food-Veggies

Do I really have to follow all of the healthy meal plan in order to get fit ? I've cut out all of the fast food, pop, soda, and sugar from my daily intake. BUT I eat typical asian meal (rice + veggies+ meat). And sometimes the portion seems to be larger than typical healthy portion (like a bowl of noodles for breakfast as opposed to non-fat greek yogurt and banana). Is that okay ? Thank you for an

You will lose weight because you don’t eat / drink Fast Food. But try to add less rice, oil or pasta in diet for other reasons and more Veggies, oats, fruit & tea.My cousin lost 110 lbs in 11 months, he cut out fast food, sugar, soda, and he doesnt really like veggies much so I guess it’s possible to lose weight with your plan. :) read more..

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